SEGMA Technologies, Inc. - Predictive Threat Management, Cyber Security & Bus. Intelligence
Who is defending your networks--PROACTIVELY? We can.
Business Summary:
SEGMA Technologies, Inc. is an IT company focused on developing software solutions to complex problems. Its current activities are focused on developing Protean--a Predictive Threat Management System for Proactive Network Defense and PRAACS, an Identity and Access Management(IAM) system.  Our Protean tool employs situational awareness methodology to understand the network environment, generate attack paths, anticipate attacks and applies relevant defensive measures to protect network assets. Our IAM solution is a Policy-driven and Risk-adaptive access control software that ensures the authenticity of the users and integrity of their requests to protect the assets of complex IT enterprises, industrial control systems, and Critical Infrastructures from cyber attacks.
The company provides dynamic response to changing organizational needs, cyber attacks and system degradation. The company's hybrid access control methodology can support risk reduction by controlling access to a variety of information systems that support both public and private IT enterprises and industrial control systems for critical infrastructures and cyber-physical systems.
We specialize in:
  • Predictive threat management--applying predictive intelligence for proactive network defense
  • Developing and deploying policy-driven and risk adaptive access control software
  • Consulting services for building intelligent systems
  • Business Intelligence--Text Analytics
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